Generation Toy-BoneCrusher

Bulldozer with Navvy 035 (2)

By far BoneCrusher is the ‘most’ intimidating figure out of the set so far! So I can’t stand the G1 bullshit I swapped the head out with for the head sculpt that bares the look of disdain.

     Bone Crusher has stocky build that gives off the ‘RAAA’ feel to him. To be specific he like he wants to break your face in two halves. However his mean green machine look works cohesive with his dynamic pose ability, like his brother Navvy. In addition like Navvy I cannot stop playing with him.

QC: Let me get this out of the way. I am sure you’ve heard the complain chatter about the shovel halves not tabbing into his shoulders. Furthermore the complain clams call it loose kibble. I call it do what you gotta do Generation Toy. On that note I firmly believe the engineer(s) decided to leave it up to the collector on how they want to display Bone Crusher. More so ‘melee’ was on the mind of the engineer(s) because I the shovel halves can be flipped around as clubbing appendages. Also you can use the detachable ends, place them in his hands to utilize as pick axes. Get this the only downside to the qc is moving the shoulder first then placing the shovel halves back on his shoulders. That’s the only minor gripe I have, constantly moving shovel halves around.

The quality Control on the figure is consistent with all four of the team I own. Which means outstanding.

Paint App:

   Uniformed and done very well on Bone Crusher.

Overall: 10/10 You can not go wrong with picking bone crusher up. If you do you might as well get the rest of the set. Not only Generation Toy take the extra mile on making all of these guys heavily articulated. Is the astounding attention to detail is taken into account on making this figure dynamic and solving the shovel issue that has tormented tfc and maketoy homage to devastator.

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