Gcreations 4th team member Blade is more dynamic in person than my pictures credit him for. He’s one slick, mean looking fighting machine. And the forearm size ‘blinged’ out wings of his makes him stand out from his team members. I mean he does transform into a pterodactyl, and his wings are huge heavily detailed and all that. But he really does stand out, You can see him from ‘HEY’ distance. Any way let’s get on to the review.

Funny shit and swoop 023

Gcreations moving into a new factor has ‘definitely paid off. It shows in wrath also it shows in Blade as well. And the quality of this figure is ‘bang’ for your buck too. More so the goodies he comes with. A nice huge Shuraking sword, two swords ( for him), and dual laser, er missile riffle thingy ( have no idea what to call his guns.) that compliments him well.

The Good:

Funny shit and swoop 021
Nice sword eh?

Blade is a very sturdy figure. Gcreations is improving the quality of each member every time. Furthermore the articulation on Blade himself is nothing short of dynamic. To be specific you can get some serious 90 degree bend in his knees. You can manipulate his shoulders to sit high or low. However the socket joints are strong and have the good ole signature Gcreation ‘squeak’ in them ( use lube grease to fix so simple right? lol.). To despite all that you’ll get some really good ole GI joe posing with Blade easily ( What pose can he not hold?). Funny shit and swoop 007


Colors: Very sharp colors apps on him too. Don’t need to go into detail but you can see on the pictures how outstanding the paint job is on this figure. Well if you’re one of those annoying color addicts, that demand their figure to look like an explosion of crayola-happy to disappoint you. Because you’re not getting the color gumbo soup on Blade or any of the members that make up Shuraking. Every color is added meticulously uniformed to match Wrath, Growl and thunderous colors. The point Gcreation is making keeping these guys a team.

QC: The overall rating I will give the QC is descent for a figure this size. Not be negative I see Gcreation should be generous about greasing down certain parts on Blades joints to get rid of the Gcreation ‘squeak’. The ratchets are in the waist and knees are well executed with a nice harmonious clicks of ratchets, sounds like music when your fiddling with blade.

Bad: I will say I had to crack open when the right shoulder didn’t fully extend for robot mode. What I found out the the tab was off track. I am not that mad about it because qc boo-boos happen all the time. Plus another discovery I have found. Some of the paint is chipping off my dear blade ( aww get over Imowen please.). It’s something with ‘metallic’ paint that does this when blade is handled( Or certain figures that have it too.).  In my opinion I believe it’s standard because I was handling ect. However, I look at it like this. Shuraking is supposed to be Beast betwixt fighter right? So chipped paint on him should fit his image? I am guessing hell yeah ( Whatever Imowen in your messed world.)

Combine mode:

Not combining him yet. To let you in on a secret Shuraking slumps to the side when the arm is attached to the port. Don’t get your thong knotted people I am doing this part of the review to put your mind at ease.

Gcreation has finally added an elbow ratcheted joint built inside Blade.

Blade combine mode arm 001
Critical: Press this button then extend it to expose combiner elbow joint.

Caption is self-explanatory just remember to press the button before pulling. If you do you break this guy and that will not be good.

The pterodactyl head laying flush in the chest: The direction was not clear enough on this at all. But here’s some shots slash steps to remember. Pic 1: I extended the head all the way out from pterodactyl mode for clearance sake. Pic 2 what it looks like extended out. Pic 3: You need to collapse this part of the long neck back into the figure. pic4: The head will lay ( fidget with it possibly.) in the chest flush.

Blade combine mode arm 003
pic 1
Blade combine mode arm 004
Pic 2
Blade combine mode arm 005
Pic 3
Blade combine mode arm 006
Pic 4

Adapter piece: This comes with blade and no it’s not that lame parts forming crap everyone yaps about. This part is actually vital to move Shurakings arm in addition the support peg, that supports Shuraking.

Blade combine mode arm 010
Long peg: Pegs into side of Shurakings chest plate. Even the little has slot on it too. The connector peg pegs into the port easily.

My 2 cents: I did this last night and played with a one-armed Shuraking. His arm movement is very limited. To be crystal clear I cannot raise his arms straight from side to side.However I can move his arms in a full 360 ( yes ratcheted all the way.). From looking how ‘overly’ secured all this locks into him. When the next figure comes in, It will stop Shuraking from leaning and he is not going anywhere full combined( Meaning he won’t be mess like toywrolds dino king.).

Rating: From a scale of 1-10 I will give Blade a solid 10. I was going to give him a 9.5 because I had to correct a human error on the shoulder. But I got past it, A: He can hold poses in full gear and the quality is outstanding.

Do I recommend Shuraking?

I only recommend Shuraking to serious collectors who don’t give a damn about G1 in the box collecting. And Collectors who just want the dinobots to combine. I don’t reccommend Shuraking to everyone I am kind of reserved when it comes to him because I got him because 5 dino bots combine. I love combiners also I am drawn to how massive and mean this team looks. If you want in on Shuraking. You have to be committed to playing around with him to get all the kinks out and get use to the combine mode, transformations and play time with your figures.

I hope my review helps.



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