Authors stealing form other Authors cool?

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I have heard this before ‘but’ I have never ‘ever’ participated in stealing from any Author period! In my opinion it’s lame, very stupid  and it fucks up the world of literature and here’s why. 1. It completely waters it down. 2. Kills creativity.

According to K.M. ( forget her last name. Will post link to her article below.) She even admits she steal plots from other writers. Then K.P. says she doesn’t plagiarize other Authors. More so she goes on to say it helps new writers develop a voice in their work.

With that being said. I am throwing the Horse shit card at her feet and all Published, Silver spooned mouth Authors that participate in ‘Grand theft Author’ in writing. Unfortunately the reality is when you steal from other Authors people do catch that shit and they’ll let you have it on a book review. If you’re a Author thief I suggest you stop reading this blog now!

Stealing weakens the Author

If you’re one of those Authors that steal from other writers or Independent writers you’re really hurting yourself and pissing off another Author. Like the old saying goes the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. To be specific if a Author has stolen a plot from a book that moved the none creative bastard, what makes you believe he or she is going to stop with ‘just’ the plot? Of course the Author burglar is going to look for other bits and pieces in someones great work. Let’s start with characters, notice how characters in different books seem almost identical to another book you just read? Or if you’re one of the sharp readers with a good memory you might recall a book with similar plot, character, or situation too. And as always the dialogue suffers Author Voice.

Weakening the writer, to be specific the Author that steals is the Author that doesn’t grow and his or her creativity erodes. To clarify the Author will not know how to get through writers block, how to link plots and plot twists and most importantly  gain maturity during the writing process. Instead the Author will steal from other books and slop their book together and say ‘finished.’

Being honest

This is the pure truth when I started writing as a kid what really turned me on to being a writer were story tellers growing up. Later I started writing about my nightmares, such as Jason killing my friend. In a vengeful rage I pick up a chainsaw and cut Jason in two! Anyway to develop my voice as a writer I studied Lovecraft heavily and read a lot of Poe. I took what I learned from Poe and Lovecraft and wrote so much that I couldn’t see straight. Next thing I know I developed ‘my style’ of writing. Which is an aggressive style, getting hold of the reader quickly and never let them go. Even though I became comfortable with it I had to to learn more about writing I didn’t know.

How I developed my voice as a writer I took up a creative writing course outside of school. Getting properly educated in writing, that’s how I learned my voice as I writer. From the wisdom I gained a lot about writing, myself as a Author and you can say I learned writing is a craft that has lots of room to improve yourself.

Stealing= copy cat writers

You’re probably wondering like me, does this explains why majority of published Authors work is crap, copy cat and poorly developed plots to characters? The answers could probably be a big ‘yes’, but this is a small piece or big piece to the puzzle of who’s really killing the writing world. From my prospective this ‘trend’ of stealing is sicker than the flu and it’s stinking up the writing world. This ruins sales for me and other ‘creative’ writers like myself. I put myself in the active readers  shoes today. For example a reader might have read 4 books from some published Authors and all of them suffer from theft flu symptoms. Now the reader comes to my book, and they say to themselves. ‘I just read 4 bad books and this book Seasons of Pain looks, well, I don’t know about this book?

My heart goes out to readers who have to roll the dice on buying a book these days. I know how you fill because I was there too. And this is why I don’t read for pleasure anymore. Too many  thieving that make a living off of stealing from creative Authors. In addition this is why I don’t hang out with Authors that’s in the fiction and horror genre, I know damn well they’ll definitely  attempt to steal my ideas or stuff I have already accomplished.


There’s hope because Seasons of Pain is completely original because I have no idea how the series will end. So I am in the same boat with  ‘all’ reader journeying with Jesse in the dark part of her life. When it comes to creativity I get my stuff from what I research, nightmares, life experiences or I ask someone may I use their experience in life for my book. Even though I am writing under a pen name. I am saying I am one of those writers that believe in creativity and creativity is under attack ( a new topic all together.).

As promised here’s the link t K.M. the thief. You be the judge, jury and executioner on her. I already gave her the stiff arm of justice already.

Link to K.M. article

Seasons of Pain website


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