How can self published Authors Kill Literature?

I came across this article a few nights ago. This article titled ‘Self-Published Authors Are Destroying Literature’, written by Michael Kozlowski. As always ‘rant’ articles always are one sided. Previous blog I wrote about why I chose to go self publishing route because of not so likable publishing houses. I decided to share the key points Mike made and the pure assumptions he cooks up as well.

In 2013 a man by the name of Andrew Franklin stated (Kozlowski, 2013) that Self Published Authors are trash, and they don’t bring nothing to the world at large. Also he goes on to say (Kozlowski, 2013) Self Published books are met with dead silence, due to the disappointment self publishing brings to literature. However the articles spits venom at how Self published Authors has used social media to promote their books. In addition Facebook ( aka fbi-book) has allowed these Self published Authors to buy friends to pump up their pages and what not.

I agree with Mike’s point and Andrew that social media platforms like facebook to encourage this spam-o-rific activity. However ( not speaking for every Independent writer.) where else are these independent Authors are going to go and do with little or no marketing experience to show case their work? And another question if Self Published writers are destroying the fragile literature world then why people prefer a self published writers work over published writers work? Before I get into that here’s some more stuff I want to share on Mike’s article.

Mike agrees (Kozlowski, 2013) with Andrew by pointing the finger at Amazon and kindle for allowing these books to be bought on the market, with no proof reading or editing of the independent books.  Sometime ago (Kozlowski, 2013) Amazon bought good reads as a measure of separating the bad ebooks from the good ebooks ( edited books).  Also Mike points the finger at Smashwords for fanning the flames of Self Published writer fiasco. Mike says (Kozlowski, 2013) Smashwords gives the Authors ISBN numbers and turn them loose on the net to promote their books. Therefore this is why I see and everyone else sees all of the ‘ buy my book, help me out by buying my book and all that good stuff.

In closing Mike (Kozlowski, 2013) Mike goes on to say Indie Authors has done will by watering down legitimate published work. Even Mike (Kozlowski, 2013) labels independent books by pricing, 99 cents to 2.99 for independent writers 7.99 and above for published writers. Then Mike says his hats off to hybrid Authors who cut ties with publishing houses and jumped on the self publishing band wangon for ceative freedom.

DING-DING key word betwixt the cats out of the bag here. Bella Andrea is one example she got a major deal and then went self publishing? Now this isn’t logical to me at all. If Bella made it big why did she infect herself with the independent Author disease? This is another subject matter all together, such as the writing field is ‘very’ competitive as is with new writers working like mad to get their work looked at. And now you have some big fish just swam in already crowded pond. I am willing to bet it was money Bella was losing and publishing company was banking off of her. I don’t know Bella neither do I read her stuff just pointing this out.


As Self Published writer myself along with my experience being one I don’t agree that Self Published writers are messing up literature. Who’s messing up literature are the publishing houses, big and small. Not all of them just the whopping majority of them is actually killing the creativity out of writing. Publishing houses doors are not open at all, if the door is open it’s slightly cracked open. What I mean by that is this. Read the submission guide lines for example and pay close attention to the small print ( if its on the website.) Furthermore look at what they accept and the don’t accept is very large mind you. And then there’s unnecessary middle man the literature agent(s). Some Publishing houses will not even look at you unless you have paid agent. Some will even take you if you don’t have an agent but you better have a lawyer to go over the paper work before you sign the dotted line. Keep in mind the big publishing houses are still shrinking. Last time I checked they’re only 6 or 7 of them left. Keep in mind these are the same publishing houses will only give you a small piece of royalty pie.

Pop Culture and Lame Hollywood:

Keep in mind ‘trends’ in entertainment impacts literature and vice versa. Sure there’s lame vampire books, horror erotica and big dummy zombie books all over the place. But look who made all of that popular. Look no further than the anti-climatic pop culture and lame holly wood. Shows like puke fest Walking Dead, Dim wit-Twilight series and Buffy the Vampire Fucker that set all of this ‘garbage’ in motion. As a matter of fact antique overly used none scary classic monsters getting thrown in every ones face these days doesn’t aid either. The point I am making betwixt connection is this people. Whatever is hot will sale regardless. A good example paranormal B.S. on the history channel ‘reflects’ books being written or has been written during that show was aired. Or published Authors clinging to a dead Renaissance of classic monsters re-introduced to this generation is getting rather dull. Here’s my point on this look at all the synopsis on the published Authors work. Don’t they look similar? Do you feel like, hey this book is predictable and what makes this vampire story different from the vampire book next to it on the book shelf? These are questions I asked when I was foolishly attempting to read outside of Lovecraft and Poe. Unfortunately with all the clone book plots I stopped reading for pleasure all together. It wasn’t independent writers it was the published Authors work that made me stay within my confines of good unpredictable horror.

Self Publishing Good and Evil:

Self Publishing serves Good and Evil at the same time. But let’s start with the evil to get it out of the way. The evil purpose it serves Mike mentions in his article. What he didn’t tell you some self publishing companies will take advantage of Authors. Such as, self publishing companies promising the moon with expensive marketing packages then it turns out to be dud market package. Another evil Self Publishing serves is pricing. Let’s face it majority of Independent writers are not artist and some of them are not editors. You have let go and pay for all of this-and mind you people it’s not cheap! When it comes to being the business person of self publishing the author may not even want to do it and approach the project narrow minded. And being completely unaware of making huge marketing mistakes.

The Good:

The good of Self Publishing is wonderful. Writers like me with a solid story has a chance to get the work out there. I did my homework before when I was writing Seasons of Pain. Find a editor I can work with/ perfectionist. And learn how to market. I ran into some stupid business people, greedy S.O.Bs. and some useless pieces of flesh. But hey I learned something from each market person, but I eventually found someone human to talk to about marketing. As far as online is concerned it’s a valuable asset if online Social Media is used properly. More so the freedom that you have of being creative with your work is boundless. With this much freedom great responsibility must be heeded. 99% of them when you get into  promoting your book it’s going to be you doing it. You’re the Admiral of your fleet and you have to win by any means necessary. Thanks for reading this long Blog.

Cited stuff:

Kozlowski. (2013). Self Published Authors are Destroying Literature. Good Reader, 1.





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