Why I chose Self-Published over Published

This is something I wish to blog about instead of updating everyone about Seasons of Pain. Some of you perhaps is wondering why I chose not go with a typical Publishing house. Here’s the full truth on why I decided not to go betwixt waste time, biting nails and hoping I get picked by a publisher.

Losing freedom(s) and editor

Addressing the freedom first. Unfortunately no Publishing house will even bother to see if you exist unless you have an agent. Before I go any further I am talking about my experience ‘only’ so this is not going to apply to anyone. I am just sharing this with you on the choice I made to roll with Self Publishing. ‘Okay back in the game’. When I asked questions about contracts with small publishing houses, get this it’s like oil and milk dealing with them. A few Publishing houses are slippery like a can of used oil. Specifically when it comes to dealing with my Series Seasons of Pain. The conflict of interest I ran into was how many books Seasons of Pain may be. I told the publishing house I have no clue on how many books Seasons of Pain will be. In addition I informed them as a author betwixt creative person, the reader is in the same boat with me when it comes to when I will end Seasons of Pain. Therefore my three books maybe ten or nine I don’t know. Also sticking with a max page limit per book added rich plots in Seasons of Pain.

Their response actually became typical, cookie cutter and skipping Cd in the disc player if you will. In all the contracts it states a certain number of book(s) a year. More so publishers want how many books Seasons of Pain is going to be up front. My reply to all of them I dealt with I said the following, ‘that kills creativity and berths stress on me the creator of Seasons of Pain. Which will transcend me to writing ‘crap’ work.  In all the responses I have read an ‘agent’ will be assigned or some where down the road, in directly I would need a agent. Honestly I don’t like agents because their not writers they don’t create the only thing they know is the percentage or some sort of payment they’re getting from you. Furthermore agents are hired mouth pieces 30 percent of the time they work for you and the rest-eh, well they work or side with the publishing company. Before I close out if you’re an agent and you think I am wrong…Who cares. Like I said this is my experience if you don’t like it then stop reading and don’t comment.

Editor, all publishing companies have editors! And this was the biggest issue I had with all of them I dealt with. I have my own editor and the person is perfectionist and sharp as needle point. Therefore I will not need my work edited again. When I stated that things got interesting with the publishing companies.

In the fine print ( if its on the website or FAQ) They’ll have an editor regardless to check for grammar stuff and content. When asked about content I brought up do you mean elements of the story? They said, or should I say talk in circles that some my stuff would be in Jeopardy in favor of tailoring an audience they want ect.


They highest I have seen for writers was 45 percent this nation wide possible world wide also. But the question is this why do they need the higher percentage? What I got was a classic response marketing and online marketing. Marketing in the American crowd I completely understand. When it comes to the net I completely disagreed on that. Majority of Marketing on the net is inexpensive or it’s free. And that was something I verbally expressed upfront I would aid along with marketing, you know to spread word about Seasons of Pain all around.


Not going to fib 90 percent of it was reasonable. What I found unreasonable was the word count. Anywhere from 75,000 to 95, 000 I ‘ve seen too much and scratch my head and say. That’s not a novel work to me. Good books will be in the 100,000 ball park. Novels that make you think and enjoy you’re looking at 150,000 plus and keep in mind page count. Seasons of Pain my baby only fit into two submission guidelines. Unfortunately one publishing house didn’t like my cussing Jesse. The second Company max royalty for me was 35 percent. I didn’t want to be ripped off. Even though it was very small publishing house, something was completely wrong with that 35 percent to me.


To be honest it’s not easy going this route all. The arena is swamped with ‘crap’ books that are not edited or an editor that has English a second language as a result a poorly edited novel. The entire editing thing with editor dilemma can go on and on. Furthermore social media has helped but it has turned into a clogged pipe, meaning so many self published writers put their work on social media has turned into online noise. Trying to find a voice and have my work stand alone is difficult but I am in control of my own destiny.

Self Publishing forces me to learn the business, such as marketing and online marketing. I came into this game with a plan. So far the only problem is I have to keep pushing Seasons of Pain I feel not enough people know about my awesome horror book. My book just needs to get into the right pair of hands for Seasons of Pain to take off. Sense I am doing everything in my power to make it happen I have no doubt it will change the status quo of horror.


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