Reviewers Overstand Seasons of Pain

 All the reviews I have received over the past week all of the reviewer(s) say the same thing but in different words, which is they get Seasons of Pain. I did ‘not’ expect them to get Seasons of Pain after the first initial read. Before get into detail showing you how the book reviewers overstands Seasons Of Pain I will share with you my first ‘honest’ testimonial from reading my own work when it was done with edits.

  First reaction

     When I was done reading my own work unbiased I called it, ‘a out of control train ride of unpredictability.’ To be specific Seasons of Pain in my opinion felt very alive. The dialogue is very robust and the characters are three dimensional. Despite Jesse’s and Adalious’s opposite personalities they happen to find common ground to like, lust and be with one another like that. As a writer I rest my case I done my job better than expected. But I did not think about the reviewers would get it so quickly.

Quoting  L.C. when she points out the character of Jesse ‘Lodestone makes Jesse into a strong female lead, one that is not shy about her body, her love life or her opinion, which is a refreshing take for a heroine in a horror story’. 

This comment is winner to me. When I created Jesse I wanted a strong female lead. The twist to Jesse this is one of her character traits she takes for granted betwixt doesn’t acknowledge this strong attribute about herself. This can be said by people we know who have a natural internal strength but they don’t acknowledge it but they show it when their backs are pinned against a fence.

Quoting J.L. ‘The dialogue writing deserves special mention; for being acutely aware of the irony in it and embracing it wholeheartedly. This kind of offhanded humor can be found throughout the book.

Quoting Chell, ‘Jesse curses like a sailor if you don’t like cursing then you’re not going to like Jesse. I curse like sailor. Jesse drinks name a College that doesn’t drink. And I can relate to Jesse working a job to make ends meet and depending on a step mom financially she doesn’t like. These are ‘real’ problems some readers can identify with.’

 Not Chells exact words but she makes it clear in her written and video blog about Jesse. From the responses I am getting I am taking them to heart when I get ready to get into the editing for book 2


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